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Sungi is been responding to the needs of some of the communities at the ground by providing food packages to the people in need in collaboration with the relevant district governments. In this regard, Sungi is consistently holding district level NGO meeting to avoid duplication of effort and collective action. Despite there not many actors at this point of time who are engage in relief efforts, Sungi is taking lead in bringing philanthropists, district government sand other charity organization at the same page.
Currently, the district governments are center of coordination and Sungi closely coordinating and consistently sharing data with the district government. Major relief efforts that have been taken place by Sungi so far have been conducted with the support of district governments, who provided logistics support for that as well. It is expected the district governments shall keep on taking lead and all the response activities shall be taken under one umbrella.

District governments are in processes of developing a central mechanism in this regard. Food security Cluster has been activated, however, not much has been achieved due to non-clarity by the part of provincial and federal governments.