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Sungi’s efforts to engage Chamber of Commerce (CC) and Hattar Industrial Association (HIA) Haripur to work tougher for effective utilization of Corporate Social Responsibility Fund (CSR)

The private sector, several public sector organizations had also given the significance to the CSR value and now contributing a lot for welfare of country and its people. Both local and international enterprises are paying great attentions on CSR in Pakistan and had developed their CSR departments for effectively implementation of CSR policy by providing shelters, medical aids, food and clothing to the uprooted and needy people.

It is not only the responsibility of the government alone but private sector should also come forward and play pivotal role in economic progress of the country. Pakistan is facing various problems including energy crises and law and order situation. No doubt, the present government was working to overcome these problems. The corporate sector must play a due role to contribute lessening the suffering of people.

Sungi development foundation has initiated the work and held meeting with Chamber of Commerce (CC) and Hattar Industrial Association (HIA) Haripur. The idea of effective utilization of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund was discussed with the management of HIA which was later on converted on the document. Sungi team submitted the proposal to HIA management and detailed presentation was organized in HIA secretariat Haripur. The idea was highly appreciated by the HIA management and agreed for future joint working around the proposed work.

Sungi team had many follow up meetings in this regard and extended technical support in finalization of the final proposal. The areas of joint interest so for agreed from both side are as Women empowerment, community welfare and environmental protection. Sungi is very much hopeful for working in collaboration with Hattar Industrial Association (HIA) Haripur in near future.