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Seminar on Prevention of Child from Abuse-SUNGI-Abbottabad

September 9, 2020

On September 9, 2020 Sungi with the collaboration of Social Welfare and Sahil organized an awareness Seminar on prevention of child from abuse and violence.

Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad Mughees Sanaullah attended the program and while interacting with the participants highlighted the government's initiatives regarding children's rights. The event was held at the District Council Hall, Abbottabad. District Police Officer Yasir Afridi, Mr Saad ul Isalm DO Social Welfare, Mr. Mujtaba Barwana Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad and other officers also attended the program.

Citizens appreciated the efforts of SUNGI, Sahil and government agencies and stressed the need to ensure that such programs are held regularly to ensure the safety of children so that all parents and citizens can help ensure the safety of their children.

Mr. Shahid Aziz Regional Coordinator stressed on importance of awareness among children about self-protection, he said Children should be given awareness regarding “good touch and bad touch” as eliminating the mental, physical and sexual torture on children is a collective responsibility for all of us. Sexual exploitation of children is becoming a big problem in our society. Mr. Yasir Afridi while addressing a seminar, he said we need to educate the parents as well because parents and the teachers are responsible for character building of children. No crime will eliminate through punishment if we want to end this evil from our society we have to work on behaviour change and awareness in the society. He ensured that as DPO Abbottabad he will do his best for the protection of children in Abbottabad District.

DC Abbottabad Mr. Mughees Sanaullah appricated the SUNGI’s efforts and said that District Administration will fully support to such organization who are working for the betterment of our society through awareness and other different intervention, he further added that Child Protection is burning issue now a days, he further added and said that the role of community, parents, religious leaders and schoolteachers was a key to counter the child abuse and there was a need to mobilize them. At the end of the Seminar Deputy Commissioner presented to Shields to SUNGI and other stakeholders of the seminar.