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Multi stake holder dialogue

August 07, 2017

In line with Sungi/AAWAZ’s interventions on peace building initiatives, a multi stake holder dialogue was organized on 7th August 2017 in Sungi’s regional office in Abbottabad. 22 participants (16 men and 06 women) were present at the event. A detailed dialogue was generated by Christian minority member, members of district Dispute resolution committee, District peace connectors, ADF members, lawyers, Women assembly member, media focal person and tehsil Nazim.

    Key decisions taken in this dialogue were:
  • ADF members & stake holders from UCs decided to reactivate the local dispute resolution committees at police station level.
  • It was decided that District level peace connectors and stake holders will conduct sittings with DDRS (District Dispute Resolution Committee) and present their recommendation to strengthen the circle wise dispute resolution committees in order to bring effectiveness in their role for conflict preemption.

Peace connectors of UC Pind Kargu Khan, Jarral & Bagnotar shared that they had held follow-up meetings with DRC members & police station administration to strengthen the process of conflict pre-emption.

Mr. Idrees Awan Advocate District peace connector & ADF focal person for human & child rights shared the incidents of violence against children & child labor issues and emphasized that they are increasing day by day. Furthermore, he stated that he took up issues in court with free legal aid and also started social media campaign over sensitization & awareness from the platform of Aawaz District Forum.