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The sightless people have unique capabilities and government should take concreate measures to increase job quota for the sightless people. Sungi’s Stressed

The WHITE CANE Day was observed in Abbottabad. It is a global day of blind people and every year on 15 October, this day is celebrated all over the world. Sungi Development Foundation Abbottabad has organized walk with the collaboration of District Social Welfare Department Abbottabad. The sole purpose of celebration of the “International WHITE CAN Day” is to sensitize the general public, youth and about the rights of sightless people. It was also aimed that government should take measures to provide maximum job opportunities to sightless person. The participant through walk also educate and try to sensitize especially drivers to give space to the people having “WHITE CANE” in their hand.

Assistant Director Social Welfare along with his team, Deputy director special education children Abbottabad, Chairperson of Iqra Academy Abbottabad, Director light school, men, women, boys and girls differently able, students & staff of prominent schools, lawyers, social and political activists, press club Abbottabad, elders and general public participated in the walk.

The walk was led by Sungi Regional Team along with District Officer Social welfare. It was started from Jalababa Auditorium passing through main bazaar, MCB chock and ended in press club. Later on a short event was held outside the press club in which Light House School for girl’s management distributed WHITE CANE among the deserving children.