Gender Justice

Systematic discrimination at household and societal level against women and girls is one of the most pervasive causes and consequences of the power inequality that drives poverty and injustice, and is often exacerbated when gender intersects with other identities, such as religion, ethnicity, age and health. Women and girls in Pakistan are subjected to different forms of violence including domestic violence, honour killing, acid attacks, sexual abuse and harassment, stove burning, polygamy, informal divorce, dowry, exchange marriages, child marriages and denied right to education, health and economic opportunities. The large scale acceptance of violence against women and girls within the society and its impunity is alarming. Violence against women and girls, is a violation of fundamental human rights, a barrier to women’s active citizenship, and hence, a fundamental constraint to them actualising their full potential and to a life with dignity. Resource allocation and expenditure on education is one of the impediment for girls’ access to education (besides quality of education, governance capacity, social and cultural norms etc).

In purist for gender equality, SDF strives to bring sustainable changes in the lives of women through awareness raising, capacity building, women’s inclusion in political processes, strengthening their socio-economic well-being and continues advocacy for policy reforms including.

Previous Projects

Mobilization of Women Voters in Pakistan
Funded by The Asia Foundation of PKR 13,729,850 PKR from Sep 2006 – Dec 2008 at Mansehra and Abbottabad in KPK province.
AAWAZ Voice and Accountability Project
Funded by DFID of PKR 539,787,165 FROM Sep 2012 – May 2017 AT Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur, Swabi, Upper Dir, Attock
Micro Finance for Women Empowerment
funded by Oxfam Novib, PPAF, Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) of PKR 100,000,000, Phase 1 from 1994-2003, phase II from 2004 – 2005, phase III from 2007 – 2016 at Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur, Muzaffarabad, Hattian Bala
Gender Empowerment and Institutional Development Project
Funded by DANIDA/Oxfam of PKR 14,100,000 from Feb 2015 – Dec 2016 at D.I.Khan, Mardan, Abbottabad, Haripur
Gender Justice Project
Funded by NCA of PKR 37,500,000 from Jan 2012- Feb 2013 at Gujrat Punjab

Ongoing Projects

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