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    Peace & Social Harmony

Program's introduction:

Sungi gives importance to Peace & Social Harmony and envisages a full-fledge program for addressing the issue. As a right-based organization, it empowers the local communities (right-holders) about their rights and holds the authorities (duty-bearers) accountable and makes them responsive to communities’ needs and demands. Furthermore, through community led initiatives, peace and tolerance is also promoted to enhance social cohesion and integration.


Current Projects


Strengthening Voices and Accountability Program

Feb 2013 – June 2017

Working area

Abbottabad, Swabi, Dir, Mansehra, Haripur, Attock


Aawaz voice and accountability programme is five-year programme to strengthen civil society and to contribute to the development of a stable, tolerant, prosperous and democratic Pakistan, which can meet the basic needs of its people and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The planned outcome of the programme is that democratic processes in Pakistan are more open, inclusive and accountable to citizens by 2017.
Aawaz programme is funded by UK-aid through DFID, is managed by DAI and is being implemented by four leading civil society organizations, namely, Aurat Foundation (AF), Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-Pk) and Sungi Development Foundation (Sungi).