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AAWAZ District Forum Meeting

| 16 September 2020

On 16 September 2020, AAWAZ District Forum organized meeting in Haripur. Meeting was attended by AAWAZ DF members, Chairmen Distribute Resolution Committee Haripur Mr. Tehseen Ul Haq, member of KP Status of women Miss Sajida Jasrat, Mr Akhtar Jalel, Mehmood Rehmam , Doctor Irfan Nasir Minority Representative, Madam Gulnaz Advocate and Saima Shokar along with transgender delegation. Haripur District Forum condemned the increasing incident of rape and murdered of women, transgender and children. Meeting participants strongly condemned the recent rape of innocent women in front of her children on the Lahore motorway. DF members said women, children, transgender and religious minorities are the oppressed and weak section of the society, protection of their rights is the responsibility of the state and citizens, but the increasing incidents of atrocities incident against them in our country and as a citizen very are feeling ashamed that we are fail to protect the rights of vulnerable groups. All the members stressed to paly active role to create the awareness among citizens.

During discussion members discussed forum can play and effective role towards bringing change in attitude which can dream of a peaceful and prosperous society. We all need to unite for eliminating violence against women and other vulnerable groups of the society. In future we all must particularly work for behavioral change of the people and find remedies of barriers, which is best solution is empowered and providing the equal rights to the women as well as other inclusions at all levels. And they also emphasize to create more tolerant environment of inclusiveness for the people belonging to all age groups, sects, faiths and religion. At the end of the meeting members passed a resolution calling on the government to take urgent steps to restore law & order in the country and provide the immediate justice to the oppressed. Members also decided to hold the meeting with parliamentarians for the legislation on women and child protection laws which are under process.


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