Rewards and Accreditations

Sungi has been honored with a number of achievement awards and certificates for its work in the development sector:Sungi has been honored with a number of achievement awards and certificates for its work in the development sector:

  • In 2011, Sungi received HAP (Humanitarian Accountability Partnership) certification and full membership in its board for good accountability practices in its interventions
  • Sungi Development Foundation, as a Microfinance Provider, was awarded with Silver Award, 2009, on Social Performance Reporting to the “Social Performance Task Force (SPTF)”. This internationally recognized award comes from CGAP, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Ford Foundation, powered by MIX. This globally acknowledged Award measures transparency in social performance reporting
  • Inter Cooperation Award for Pakistan, 2008, in gratitude to Sungi for commitment and valuable continuous contribution towards Sustainable Development in rural NWFP (now KPK)
  • Sungi won the 2008 Citi – PPAF entrepreneurship Silver Award (NWFP category). This award acknowledged the increase in income and better living standard that one of the entrepreneur’s, financed by Sungi, achieved
  • The certificate of appreciation was presented to Sungi by the Government of AJK for rendering services to the Earthquake Affectees in 2007
  • Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts (2007), South Asian Programme by UNESCO and National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage. The award was in recognition for the promotion of traditional handicrafts into contemporary design levels and quality to enhance the income of rural women
  • South Asian Home Based Workers Craft Mela awarded Certificate to Sungi for the best stall and Best improvement in Living Standards of HBWs in 2005
  • Certificate of Commendation by Government of Pakistan given to Sungi Development Foundation in Recognition of Humanitarian Services and Generous undertaking of Rescue and Relief efforts following the devastating Earthquake of 8th October, 2005
  • In 2003, a man community partner won WWF’s “Syed Asad Ali Nature Conservation Award”. This award was given to him for voluntarily conserving the forest around his village, Pakhnakar, UC Namul, District Abbottabad. This is an indicator of the Forestry programs success
  • Certificate in Recognition of Valuable Services rendered for earthquake affectees of 8th October, 2005, presented to Sungi Development Foundation by Corp Commander 11 Corps, Peshawar Cantt, on 28th January 2006, in the districts of Abbottabad, Mansehra and Battagram
  • In 1997 and 2002, two women community members won Women World Summit Foundation (WWSF), – a Geneva based International organization – Award “The Women Creativity in Rural Life”. One of the women won this award for improvement in her income through innovative development of traditional handicrafts while the other women won the award for preserving, developing a seed bank for farmers. Both women were from farming backgrounds and were trained by Sungi through its Enterprise Development and Natural Resource Management Programs
  • D-8 Countries Culture and Art Festival held by LokVirsa in Islamabad presented an Award, to Sungi Development Foundation, in Islamabad. 11-19 October 1997. This was in recognition for the innovative promotion of traditional handicrafts for income generation of rural women and a success of Sungi’s women economic empowerment efforts
  • In 1996, Sungi was awarded the UN-ESCAP Award for Sungi’s efforts to promote “Peoples Participation in Social Development”. This award was given for the mobilization carried out for improvement of health conditions of women in all of its working areas through the Health program
  • Certificate for successfully meeting USAID’s management standards. The award indicates financial, administration, management, transparency, monitoring and institutional strengths of Sungi.

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